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Under New Ownership!

It's gonna be great!

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As of November 1, 2019, Jim and Laura Reynar took over ownership of Grove Machine & Welding.  We are excited to continue the fantastic service that has been offered over the past 26 years!  Bob Siemens is still here working his magic at fixing just about anything that is brought in.  We look forward to seeing past customers and we welcome all new customers. Drop in and say hi!!

Can we fix it?

If it's metal, we can do it!

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In our shop we have the equipment and skilled personnel to fix or repair just about anything made of metal. Whether that's a quick weld on your aluminum patio furnture, or a major repair on your crucial farm equipment. Drop in and show us what you need, we'll let you know how fast and how much it may cost.

B Pressure Welding Now Available

We've just expanded our operations

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Every so often we add new equipment, skills, or capacity to our business. Recently, we have added the certification for B-Pressure welding. A Pressure Welding Certificate of Competency authorizes us to weld a boiler, pressure vessel, pressure piping system, or fitting by any method. Bring us your B -Pressure project and we'll provide you a time frame and estimate for repairs and/or fabrication.



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